Why we do what we do

We strive to embed an effective learning performance solution in each and every company we support. We want our clients to experience a tailored and didactical approach, whether it is limited to developing a learning product or implementing a learning system or implementing a learning policy (or anything in between for that matter). 

We believe in a bottom-up model, rather than a top-down, hierarchical approach. We challenge the usefulness and relevance of learning programs for the users as well as for the organization. We take into account the importance of learning analytics. We make balanced choices between on- and offline learning experiences, and we consider the opportunities new technologies offer. 

Because we at The Learning Hub we believe that in order to develop an effective learning solution, you don’t need to focus on the product but on the end-user. The end-user needs to be immersed in a tailored learning experience. 

How we do what we do

We are strong believers of co-creation. By working together in a team, new and often very creative ideas can arise. And when we talk about team, we mean the entire project team, both internal and external stakeholders.  

With more than 10 years of relevant experience, we have optimized our internal operations to better match the needs experienced by our customers. Our team combines solid didactic expertise with sufficient technological know-how. However, we keep building our own expertise by engaging in diverse R&D activities, and by collaborating with several technological partners. And… we’re eager to share our insights with our customers during events and face to face exchanges. 



for learning


of learning


for learning

We help you choose, implement and manage the learning tools and/or learning management solutions that fit your business. We build your expertise, so you get the expected added value out of your learning solutions.

We offer guidance and support in the transformation of your learning & development strategy. We tackle challenges and trends for the future. We determine the way to move forward by defining quick wins and relevant business cases. We build your expertise in assuring on-time learning experiences.

We create digital learning content from scratch, or adapt and digitalize existing content. We determine how content can be offered in the most relevant and attractive way, and choose the right output format for (and with!) your audience.


authoring tools


success management


coaching on the job

strategic advice

instructional design training



enhanced reality (AR/VR)

blended learning


to support all the above

You can benefit from our expertise in these fields to help you with a full digital transformation, or call on us for just one of our services: just the one you need, when you need it.



A large network

As part of the Cronos network, and by relying on close relationships with our partners, we can engage the people with the right skills & experience, at the right moment, so we achieve the best possible result – together.


A vast expertise

Our past projects were small, big, mobile, social, gamified… too much to showcase here; contact us if you want to know whether we have experience handling your type of question. We probably do ;).


A diverse team

The Learning Hub combines the skills of education professionals and learning experts on the one hand, and those of experienced designers and developers.


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