What can we do for you?

Customised learning products

At The Learning Hub, we develop custom-made learning products that fit the needs of your end users. Everything starts with analysing the learning needs and expectations to define what the learning product should look like.

A learning product can be:

  • Digital (e-learning, animation video, game, …)
  • Physical (educational materials in various formats (e.g., quick reference cards, infographics, …))
  • Blended/hybrid (learning campaigns, learning journeys, …)

How do we tackle this?

When developing a product, we rely on a number of pedagogical methods and evidence-based theories.

We take the time to analyse the current situation and compare it to the desired situation.

Theories, such as the 5 MON, help us determine what situation the end user is currently in and which form of learning is most suitable and motivating for that end user.

We strive to present a fully-functioning prototype as soon as possible, so that you’ll get an idea of the product’s design, content and technical functioning. Based on your feedback, we adjust and develop further.

Want to master this skill?

We also teach you how to do this yourself. Take a look at our training sessions.

From A to Z or just-in-time support?

We develop learning products from scratch to finish. This implies we devise a suitable concept based on the provided content, create a design and develop the learning product in an authoring tool such as Articulate 360.

Looking for more targeted support?

Do you want to use our eagle eye to review your storyboard or are you struggling with developing in Articulate (or other tools)? No problem, we also provide customised support using support tickets or a longer-term support solution. Want to know more?

What else do we offer?

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