Learning Management


What can we do for you?

Choose, implement & manage

A learning management system (LMS) helps you manage your learning programs, enhances the accessibility to your resources, facilitates collaboration among learners, and ultimately fosters a more engaging and effective learning environment.

We offer you transparent and well-founded advice in choosing a learning platform. With our years of experience and platform-independent approach, we provide targeted guidance.

If you’ve already made a choice, you can rely on us for the implementation of your system, even if it’s not one of our partner systems. We provide you with tips and best practices for general management and optimal use of your learning platform.

How do we tackle this?

There are various ways to tackle your LMS questions. Is this area completely new to you and are you unsure where to start? Then our ‘How To Choose Your LMS’ trajectory could be an interesting option.

If you already have an idea of your functional and technical requirements, then we will immediately start targeted searches for a perfect fit. We scan our partner systems as well as the overall LMS landscape. We develop a proposal, implement the platform, and ensure that you can handle it independently afterwards.

Looking for specific support?

We also assist you with smaller, more specific questions. Submit a ticket through our support ticketing system and we’ll gladly look into it!

Would you like long-term support?

That’s possible too! We often work with a ‘package’ of support hours, allowing us to respond quickly. Your query will be directed to our LMS team, who will pick it up as soon as possible and endeavour to resolve it.

What else do we offer?

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