Eat. Sleep. Work. Repeat.

We’ve all been there. Eat, sleep, work, repeat. You probably know what I’m talking about. Routine. There is a big comfort in that word. Everything is more or less predictable, you go about your work, you know exactly what to do, when to do it and how to do it. You go home and you repeat the same process the very next day and so on and so on…

Comfortably numb

That challenge and drive you felt some years back has silently faded. Every (work)day feels more or less the same. There are no (or very few) surprises. You feel alright but there’s an itch… You feel comfortably numb. Very comforting indeed but the downside is you don’t really learn anything new anymore and well….That kinda sucks…

Except for that day. That day was different. The day I decided to step out of my comfort zone.

The Rabbit Hole

In fact, I wasn’t really looking for a new job and technically they didn’t have a vacancy. But somehow we started talking and after our talk I felt like Neo from The Matrix. No seriously, Neo… but with a bad hair day and slightly more attractive.

Most of you surely remember the iconic scene where Morpheus tells Neo about the blue and the red pill… Well, it’s maybe a bit dramatic but don’t worry, it will make sense later on.

Jump, Neo! Jump!

I wouldn’t be writing this blog if I didn’t jump head first into the rabbit hole. No pun intended. So here I am, a proud new member of the Team, eager to learn and to take part but also feeling a bit overwhelmed in Wonderland. The security and the blissful ignorance of illusion are replaced with knowledge, freedom, possibilities and uncertainty… I love it.

Level Noob. And that’s ok.

It’s my first month here at The Learning Hub and the name surely lives up to its promise. I have learned a ton of new stuff since I arrived here. From choosing and implementing learning management systems, agile working, enterprise social networks, xAPI statements to learning experience platforms, content curation, educational technologies, instructional design, user experience and learning record stores…

I’m sure I missed a few and it’s a lot to process, but it’s also very exciting, challenging and interesting. The possibilities are endless. Color me intrigued.

I’m sorry guys. I had to do the bunny, I simply could not resist.


I’m going to let you in on a little secret…

Here at The Learning Hub, we don’t know everything. We are surely not ‘know-it-alls’ nor do we want to be. We are however ‘learn-it-alls’, it’s part of our DNA. We listen, we learn, we adapt.

Whether it’s creating digital content from scratch or choosing a new learning management system and everything in between, the first thing we do is listen. Building on the clients’ expertise and mixing in our own, we decide the best way to move forward. Together.

Eager to learn more?