When it comes to digitalizing your training, you are looking for a partner who offers you not just efficient, but also qualitative solutions. Solutions which can keep up with quickly evolving technology. A partner who has a clear vision on learning, and a good insight in the trends and evolutions in this area, makes a valuable difference.

What does The Learning Hub have to offer you in this respect?

We are independent

We love our freedom, and yours. The Learning Hub is not committed to one particular tool or provider. We use widely available tools and platforms which have proven their effectiveness and their efficiency, ànd which keep evolving in accordance with the newest trends in learning and technology. However, we deliberately do not commit to just one. We thus guarantee continuityreliability and freedom in the use of a tool for our customers. After all, you don’t have to keep relying on us, if you want to continue on your own in the future.

We share our expertise ànd we keep learning

Our team has an in-depth knowledge of different authoring tools and LMSs, both open source and commercially available. We also keep close track of any evolutions in this area. We spend time ànd money on R&D projects, in which we push the boundaries of new technologies. And we share the experiences we get via workshops, informative sessions, blogposts,…

We collaborate

We like working for you, but also with you. We look for the best approach for every organization and every project. Based on your budget and your requirements, we propose the most suitable tool. Moreover, we are happy to make you self-sufficient if you like to keep in control. We can teach you to work with the tool of your choice, so you can continue on your own, after the project is finished. In other words: your project is yours!

You are looking for a partner who can make a difference, and who can guarantee that your projects can be transferred and continued?

We’re happy to listen to you!