aNewSpring is a cloud-based solution. It was founded in 2003 with the focus on users that need to complete learning journeys.

The LMS is a platform that helps people learn and that enables companies to create, organize and deliver blended learning in a way that adapts to each person.


Social Learning

aNewSpring also focuses on social learning. You can turn your course into a community where valuable insights are shared. With the possibility to build groups in the LMS, you can easily link the groups to a community.


Learning activities

A wide range of learning activities are offered in the LMS: SCORM, an assessment, a test, surveys, videos, a webinar … In addition, you can build templates for courses, making it easier to create brand new courses from scratch.


aNewSpring has an e-commerce option, called ‘Reseller’. On the reseller page you can manage access codes, a specific reseller catalog and orders. You can connect with different payment providers (Stripe, Buckaroo …) so participants immediately receive an access code once they have finished their payment. With this access code users get access to the course. An order overview is available so you can keep track of the purchases.

Some key features of aNewSpring

  • Wide variety of learning activities: quiz questions, events, surveys, videos, classroom, SCORM, evaluations, documents, checklists, assignments, tests, etc.
  • Customizable reports
  • Internal videoconferencing (with an integrated webinar tool)
  • Learn everywhere with the mobile app
  • MemoTrainer: daily personal training (training of what you have already learned)
  • Single Sign On
  • Sell your courses through a personal webshop
  • Integrate with other software via API
  • Create templates for courses
  • User-friendly interface


When might aNewSpring be less suitable for your organization? 

aNewSpring primarily focuses on organizations who want to make training available for their members, clients or contractors. Therefore, the LMS doesn’t have a manager role in the system. In addition, aNewSpring might also be less suitable if you need custom development. The system doesn’t allow you to create custom roles or to adjust the roles to your company’s needs.

Some screenshots

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