Totara offers a talent experience platform (TXP) which consists of three different parts: Totara Learn, Totara Engage and Totara Perform. The modules are fully integrated with each other and therefore come together as 1 platform for both administrators and end users. They bring together all the critically important talent management tools and processes. It is used by many industry sectors like government, non-profit and manufacturing. Customers range from small to large multinational corporations. The products of Totara are open source, which means they can be easily modified to the customer’s needs. Totara is an accessible platform that is fully customizable: you can have your own branding, create your own dashboards and set up your own personalized reports.

Some key features of Totara

  • Update the active users in your organization with the HR-import
  • Budget-friendly solution
  • Adjust the branding to your own corporate style, even if you have multiple styles (e.g. one for each sub brand)
  • Adjust the rights/permissions for each role in the system or create new roles
  • API’s are available to integrate with your HR-tool
  • Set up personalized dashboard according to the user’s job assignment, role, location, …
  • Different options for Single Sign On
  • Create dynamic audiences based on specific info in the user’s profile
  • Make your own custom reports to keep track of your KPI’s

Totara Learn

Totara Learn is a flexible Learning Management System (LMS) that gives organizations the freedom to learn. It is originally built off the open source Moodle platform. Totara gives you the opportunity to deliver training anywhere and anytime (yes, there is a mobile app). You can improve engagement, ensure compliance and achieve breakthrough results across your organization.

Totara Engage

Totara Engage is Totara’s LXP module (Learning Experience Platform) which gives you the chance to encourage the learners to take more initiative in their learning journey. With this module an employee can also add content to the catalogue. Each learner can share interesting resources with a specific group of people or the whole organization. They can even combine multiple resources to set up their own playlists.

Totara Perform

Totara Perform focuses, as the name suggests, on everything linked to performance. With this module you can link competencies to your courses.

Some key features of Totara Learn:

  • Manage both online and offline (classroom setting) trainings
  • Each course can contain one or more activities like SCORM, feedback, chat, forum, seminar, quiz …
  • Keep track of the validation of certifications of your learners
  • Automatic notifications (reminders for ILT sessions or certification expiries)
  • Give learners the possibility to complete their courses in the mobile app

Some key features of Totara Engage:

  • Keep learning in the flow of work with the Microsoft Teams plugin
  • Give learners the opportunity to add their own resources (video’s, links, blogs …)
  • User workspaces to connect learners who have interest in a common topic
  • Launch a survey to get feedback from other learners
Some key features of Totara Perform:

  • Schedule regular check-ins to keep track of your performance reviews
  • Link competencies to specific courses so the learner knows which trainings need to be completed to get a higher competency level
  • Define goals so you have a clear vision of what you want to reach on a short and long term.
  • Collect 360° feedback from your peers, managers and team members to get a complete overview

When might Totara be less suitable for your organization? 

Keep in mind that Totara can be a less suitable fit for your organization if you are looking for a 100% SaaS solution or if you want to have out-of-the-box dashboards. We do recommend other Learning Management Systems if you do need the previously described requirements.


Depending on the customers’ needs the Totara platform is easy and fast to set up (4 to 6 weeks). We ensure you do not only get a production environment (the final environment), but also a staging environment for testing. Any additional functionalities that are not included in the standard functionalities can prolong the implementation process.

Some case studies

At the end of a tender procedure, Totara LMS was chosen as the optimal solution because it met the expectations of Provincie Antwerpen. The Learning Hub was given the responsibility to guide the implementation of the new digital learning platform.


In their search for a Learning Management System (LMS), VIVEL published a tender. The Learning Hub responded to this tender with Totara as a possible solution. One of the requirements of VIVEL was to have the ability to provide some content for users, without forcing them to create an account. To comply with this request, the guest access functionality was used. Guests have access to a limited number of open courses.

Our customers

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