Testimonial: content creation at bpost

bpost is Belgium’s leading postal operator and universal service provider.

They called on The Learning Hub for support in creating an e-learning on their absenteeism and attendance policy. bpost puts a lot of effort into training their team leaders in order to increase absenteeism awareness.

Why did bpost call on The Learning Hub?

The classical training offered by bpost tends to get too theoretical, while their employees indicate that they learn the most through role play. Hence, there was a need to make the classical training more practical and focus on the use of interactive situations. In addition, bpost wanted the content to be presented in an e-learning with a positive perspective.

How did we do this?

A scenario-based, interactive module was the way to go in this challenge. Based on a moodboard we presented bpost with, they chose a colorful and cartoony design with their own company branding taken into account.

We created a healthy mix of informative slides and interactive exercises, to create an engaging experience for the learners throughout the entire module: multiple-choice questions, drag-and-drop exercises, an interactive decision tree, scenarios and dialogues in which the learners choose which answer they would give, etc. In order to make the module more recognizable for the learners, we designed different settings, like an office space, the coffee room (with a working radio!), but also different characters, to adapt the content to a large and diverse target group. The module needed to be realistic, so a pilot test provided a select group of learners with the opportunity to give us feedback, so we could make some adjustments and adapt the scenarios and dialogues to real-life situations.

One particular challenge was that not everyone needed to go through the entire module in a linear order. Therefore, we created a pretest with 3 questions, to decide whether the learner would be allowed to navigate freely or needed to go through each topic in the predetermined order.

The result

The result is a vibrant and engaging module, tailored to the learners’ needs. Once covered, the e-learning can be used as a reference document to be consulted by team leaders whenever necessary.

De e-learning absenteïsme zit visueel praktisch in elkaar. Het is een absolute must dat elke people manager dit doorloopt.
Zelfs al heb je jaren ervaring binnen bpost, toch kan je er nog heel wat van opsteken.
Bram Vermeire

Mail Center Manager, bpost