Testimonial: content creation & LMS configuration at Ecocampus

Ecocampus is a program that is committed to a sustainable higher education. Sustainable Higher Education takes its responsibility and contributes to the sustainable development of people and the planet.

Ecocampus focuses on teachers, researchers and students. They must be able to use sustainable development as a compass in their daily activities, now and in the future. After all, something that is sustainable today may no longer be tomorrow.

In this context of uncertainty, teachers, researchers and students must work and learn. It is therefore not about transferring undisputed sustainable knowledge or indoctrination with “this is how you act in a sustainable way”. It is mainly about creating space where they can experiment with sustainability issues. The Ecocampus team is currently working intensively together with the five Flemish universities on an online course “Introduction to Education for Sustainable Development” for teachers at universities. Each university provides the content (in consultation with Ecocampus) for 2 modules of this online course, i.e. determining learning objectives, contents and work forms. These courses must be consultable online via Moodle.

Why did Ecocampus call on The Learning Hub?

The Learning Hub took care of setting up the online Moodle environment and also converting the provided course material into graphically attractive and interactive online modules. More specifically 7 modules which contain three parts: background, practice and reflection. In collaboration with the content experts, the best possible way to offer this content to the universities is being sought.

How did we do this?

We worked closely together with the Ecocampus team. They took care of the communication with the various universities, after which we were briefed about the content. Together we looked at the input and went in search of the best and most inspiring way for teachers and students to get started with it themselves, on the custom configured Moodle platform. Sufficient variety was provided through work forms such as exercises, videos, interviews, books, etc.

The result

This ultimately resulted in a learning process with 7 different modules that every university can offer to teachers and students via their own platform or via Moodle. It offers them a range of background information, work forms, evaluation options, inspiration,… on sustainable development that they can use during the lessons themselves. Everyone who follows these modules online and at his/her own pace, will have a lot of tools to get started with during the lessons.

Sofie and Quentin of The Learning Hub introduced us into the wonderful world of e-learning. With a great deal of patience and empathy, they worked out a customized product. What we really appreciated is the way they have coached us throughout the process to become increasingly better at creating an e-learning package ourselves. Although we will continue to appeal to them, we feel better equipped for the future with e-learning.

Ellen Vandenplas

Project Coordinator, Ecocampus