Testimonial: content creation at Groep IDEWE

Groep IDEWE wants to inform entrepreneurs about the importance of prevention and safety. Groep IDEWE helps them to optimize this in their own organization. That’s why they regularly organize informative sessions for entrepreneurs who recently joined Groep IDEWE.
Why did Groep IDEWE call on The Learning Hub?

Groep IDEWE was looking for a way to transfer the information from the sessions in a more efficient way. More practical, to-the-point and in a nice ‘Groep IDEWE’-style. They wanted to make the session available at any time and in any place, so it would be easier to schedule for the – often busy – entrepreneurs. It was also important for Groep IDEWE to be able to follow up on the entrepreneurs’ progress, and to check whether they had really gotten the information.

Plus, the entrepreneurs needed to be triggered to get started with the information they get, and to prepare themselves for a first company visit by a Groep IDEWE advisor – by filling out forms and collecting documentation, for example. That’s why The Learning Hub, in collaboration with Groep IDEWE, created an online module, tailored to their needs.
How did we do this?

The module is a healthy mix of information and interactivity. It contains video, multiple choice and drag-and-drop questions, an interactive timeline, statements which let the learners reflect on prevention, etcetera. One of the challenges we were confronted with, was finding a way to present the content in a way that was suited for a very large and diverse target group. Small business owners in particular, active in different fields, needed to feel like the information was somehow adapted to their needs. To tackle these differences in the target group, we created five realistic characters. The entrepreneurs were asked to choose the character which represents their profile or sector best. Then, they could ‘follow’ this character while it fills out the forms needed for their prevention plan, for example. That way, the entrepreneurs only got relevant information, tailored to their needs.

The result

The result is a visually attractive learning module with a lot of variation, branded specifically for Groep IDEWE, and consisting of 6 concise parts. The goal was to make the entrepreneurs engage actively with the information, to get them to ‘just do it’ – and that’s what we achieved. The learning module was made available on Groep IDEWE’s Learning Management System, Valamis.

The Learning Hub made collaborating really easy. At the start of the project, the meetings, milestones and schedule was set, and that way, the learning module was delivered on time. The Learning Hub considered our busy schedules and centralized all communication in their online tools – which was great. We feel like we worked together to create a product that matches our expectations and that will help our diverse group of customers to get started!