Knowledge Transfer and Needs Analysis for Egemin

In November 2016, we received an urgent request from Egemin Automation, a company specialized in automatization of self-driving vehicles. One of their employees would leave the company in a few months, and he happened to be a key figure when it comes to support and service to the clients…
Egemin offers 24/7 support to clients all over the world. The ‘walking Google’ (aka: the person who was leaving) was often asked to solve problems that colleagues weren’t able to solve themselves. It was then crucial to capture the knowledge of this employee, to keep it in the organization, and to translate it into short, specific and goal-oriented courses.

The Learning Hub took up the challenge and successfully fulfilled this task in three months time. How? We used a structured approach: we started with a competence analysis and a measurement of the ‘gap’ with the competencies of other employees. We analyzed the way the key person handled and solved problems. We mapped questions and expectations from close colleagues. We defined competence clusters and priorities. Based on function mapping, action mapping and service design principles, we worked out a series of short, targeted learning interventions, ranging from FAQ’s to procedures and short e-learning modules.

So, when the person in question left, his knowledge didn’t! Moreover: all this information is now accessible in small, bite-sized learning activities, and with this, the foundations for a more structured approach of training for new hires.