Leo Stevens & Cie: LMS365 implementation

Leo Stevens & Cie is with its 75 years of experience one of the oldest investment firms in Belgium. It focuses on selecting the best investments for their clients, tailored to the specific preferences and needs of those clients as much as possible.


Leo Stevens & Cie was looking for a Learning Management System (LMS) for their internal employees. The objective of implementing this system was twofold. The first aim was to find an effective method to spread knowledge internally. The second was to track the followed trainings, both internal & external, in a more efficient way.

Since Leo Stevens & Cie is a smaller company with approximately 50 users, they were searching for an LMS that could offer a solution for this number of licenses. A lot of LMSs only start from 100, 500 or more licenses and they didn’t need so many.

Leo Stevens & Cie already has a place, a ‘library’, for specific documents about their procedures and methods. No progression of the users is maintained in that system. They wanted to keep this external library, but a link to this procedure book in the LMS would be useful for them. A typical training is composed of a link to one of those procedures, followed by a quiz which ensures the procedure has been thoroughly read and understood. The LMS itself would be used for other trainings as well.

The company Leo Stevens & Cie belongs to the banking sector. Therefore, it was absolutely necessary that their requirements regarding GDPR were met. They wanted to manage their in-house courses and training plans. Their goal with the LMS is to deliver continuing education in a qualitative and measurable way to their internal employees.

The solution

Leo Stevens & Cie came across LMS365 as a possible solution for their needs. Since LMS365 is built in Office365 and Leo Stevens already used a lot of the Office365 applications, it made a lot of sense to go for this LMS.

They contacted The Learning Hub for an introduction to the platform. After the demo they made their decision to go further with LMS365. The Learning Hub implemented the LMS together with the IT department and Leo Stevens & Cie itself.

Leo Stevens & Cie added the LMS365 application to their MS Teams environment. In this way the internal users wouldn’t need to go to the LMS itself anymore, but they could start learning from within their MS Teams environment. Since LMS365 can also send notifications via MS Teams about courses and training plans (e.g. a course due date reminder or a reminder that your certificate has expired), Leo Stevens made sure every user knew how to enable the notifications for MS Teams by adding a homemade video to the welcome page. The users and groups were automatically connected via the Active Directory and we also made sure the Outlook rooms could be used within their LMS365 environment, specifically for classroom sessions. If a room is already booked at the same time as the classroom session, the LMS would know it and you wouldn’t be able to select the room for the session.

Besides, we set up an extra catalog site for testing purposes and added a few test users to this site. This way Leo Stevens & Cie always has a clean production environment, as the testing of courses and enrollments can happen somewhere else.  

They recently went live with their platform and it was received positively by the internal employees. Leo Stevens will continue to add content to the LMS and The Learning Hub will remain a point of contact for questions and support.

LMS365 is a tool that asks very little in terms of implementation & maintenance, but offers incredibly much by enabling us to disperse knowledge internally and thereby improving the quality of our work.

Risk Manager, Leo Stevens & Cie