Projective Group: Learn365 implementation

Projective Group is a consultancy firm specialised in delivering strategic, operational, and technological solutions to the financial services sector. They focus on innovation and transformation, aiding clients in navigating complex challenges and driving growth within their organisations. They have six dedicated practices each focusing on a different aspect of the sector: Data, Payments, Pensions & Insurance, Risk & Compliance, Talent and Transformation.


Projective Group faced several challenges in their search for a Learning Management System (LMS).

Firstly, they required a centralised platform to manage learning activities across various departments and locations since the company is expanding. At this point, they have entities in Belgium, The Netherlands, UK, France, Germany and Switzerland. Scalability is crucial to accommodate both the further growth of the company and the growing demand for training without compromising on quality or consistency. Additionally, robust reporting capabilities are needed to monitor employee progress and performance as well as the consumption of training budgets. However, the primary challenge lies in establishing a seamless process for training requests. Streamlining this process to request both internal and external trainings was an essential step to effectively manage training demands within the organisation.

Compliance with regulatory requirements and efficient content management were also significant concerns. Furthermore, the promotion of enhanced employee development through personalized learning paths and resources aims to foster engagement, satisfaction, and retention.

The solution

After a thorough vendor selection, Learn365 has been chosen as the solution for the challenges outlined above. Leveraging user information available in the Active Directory facilitates seamless integration with organisational structures. Users from the Active Directory can be systematically added to Learn365, simplifying the expansion process to other locations worldwide. This integration ensures scalability and facilitates the extension of the platform’s benefits across different organisational units and geographical locations.

The process for requesting external trainings is not readily available in Learn365, but by using Power Automate and Power Apps, customised workflows can easily be developed. Projective Group’s IT department has taken this on to develop a request form tailored to their specific needs, enabling users to request external training. An important functionality in this form is that previously requested external trainings by other users are displayed and available for selection. This prevents the same course from being created multiple times, promoting efficiency and avoiding duplicate work.

Standard reporting capabilities are available in Learn365, but for further expansion, Projective Group investigated and eventually invested in the automation center offered by Zensai. Within this automation center, tools like the ‘Reporter’ are available, enhancing the reporting functionality beyond the platform’s default features. It allows Projective Group to easily create custom Microsoft Excel or CSV reports based on various data sets, such as enrollment, course, user, certificate, and session data. Data can be filtered using a rules builder and necessary fields can be included with a data modeler.

Additionally, the ‘Reporter’ enables the inclusion of extra user attributes synced with Learn365. It also offers options to schedule reports for automatic generation daily, weekly, or monthly, and allows on-demand report requests. Projective Group can clone report definitions for creating similar reports, automatically upload reports into SharePoint, and manage alerts and access permissions.

The result

The result of the recent implementation and collaboration is a learning environment fully tailored to Projective Group’s needs. This learning environment is fully integrated in Projective Group’s SharePoint environment, thereby increasing familiarity and user-friendliness. Through an open catalogue, users have access to available courses while also being able to request external trainings. This creates a seamless learning experience tailored to Projective Group’s specific requirements and workflows, enabling employees to effectively learn and develop within their familiar work environment.

One of our main requirements was to find a Learning Management System that’s user-friendly, both for the user and for the admin. Learn365 fully meets this requirement as it is very intuitive and easy to use, both in the front and in the back. It looks very clean and simple, but don’t underestimate it, the system can do a lot. Zensai also continues to develop, something we can only applaud. They regularly bring out new releases in which they add new features, but also improve existing ones.

I am convinced that Learn365 is the right LMS for Projective Group and that it will help improve the quality of Learning & Development within our company. 

Jessica Peeters

Training Coordinator, Projective Group