Testimonial: LMS configuration & content creation at RBFA

The Royal Belgian Football Association (RBFA) represents all football clubs in Belgium. It was founded in 1895 and comprises 2000 football clubs. The Association organizes 300,000 football games every season. The Red Devils and Red Flames are the RBFA’s ambassadors abroad.

In 2019 the RBFA planned to launch a more elaborate digital approach. Within this approach there was also room for digital learning. Therefore, the RBFA started their search for a centralized learning platform where all different disciplines within the organization could upload and manage their own content. Furthermore, digital learning modules will be offered to externals in the future, with relation to the social role the RBFA plays.

Why did the RBFA call on The Learning Hub?

In the context of further digitalization, the RBFA was looking for a suitable partner to assist them with the aspect of ‘digital learning’. With help from the Learning Hub’s experts in learning management solutions, they worked on implementing an appropriate LMS.

Next to a learning platform, the RBFA was also looking for a partner to create their own branded e-learning on data security. The goal was to make it a modern and engaging module that would be launched throughout the entire organization. The Learnings Hub’s instructional design team was the perfect partner to perform this task!

How did we do this?

The Learning Hub joined forces with the RBFA by organizing a kick-off workshop to determine the needs with regard to the learning environment and e-learning. Based on this workshop, both teams made a sprint planning to prioritize all requested configurations according to the desirable deadline. After each sprint (1 week), a short review moment was planned, in order to gather immediate feedback on finished user stories (or ‘US’).

While our LMS experts configured the learning environment, our instructional designers started working with the internal person responsible for data security. Together, they worked on creating and producing, writing and developing an e-learning on data security.

The result

The e-learning on data security became a very interactive, visually strong and also personalized module.

Because learners log onto the LMS to start the e-learning, their first name is recognized in the module and therefore appears on numerous slides. The RBFA also consists of several federations and on the landing page of the module, learners can choose the suitable (regional) federation, which is then mentioned throughout the entire module and makes it – next to the name recognition – a full-blown personalized experience. The module has several game-like elements, like an RBFA-avatar, who guides the learners through the module. Progression is indicated by a football shoe that moves forward, drag & drop zones are divided over a football field and by answering multiple choice questions correct, you can score a goal. Even the slide-down menu is shaped like a football that spins! These elements, among others, make sure the football theme is present in a fun but at the same time professional way.

Once all sprints were finished, there was enough time left to perform some tests. Several stakeholders explored the different functionalities of the LMS based on a ready-made ‘test advice document’. When everything was configured, a pilot test was launched for internal employees. The digital learning environment will be rolled out later this year to all end users, resulting in a total of 10.000 users that will be able to log onto the learning environment.

After delivering the project, the RBFA could easily start working in the LMS themselves. They upload their own content and are able to make adjustments to the LMS if necessary. Should they have any more questions, about new functionalities for instance, they can still call on the Learning Hub.

TLH combines strategic and tactical thinking with a pragmatic and efficient hands-on approach, thereby making it a great e-learning partner for the RBFA.
Stephan Desmit

Chief Digital Officer, RBFA