For several years now, we’ve been providing L&D consultancy at Agio. Our consultants support the HR department with various learning & development projects.


Some of our tasks and achievements

  • Developing different training programmes
    • based on competencies and skill gaps
    • digital training as well as face-to-face
    • group training in-company as well as working with ‘buddies’ (mentors)
  • Creating a new L&D culture in which the employees are responsible for their own training
  • Offering guidance and support in choosing and implementing a learning management system (LMS)
  • Setting up a pilot project for digital learning
  • Solving various training-related questions of the Agio staff and team leaders

Some techniques we used

  • Brainstorm sessions
  • Focus groups
  • Observations
  • A ‘buddy’ system for knowledge transfer
  • Mapping required vs. current skills in a competency matrix (a real eye-opener!)

A specific example

After detecting that there was a considerable gap in the technicians knowledge about sensor techniques, we organized an in-company group training about this topic. After the training, each department’s technicians chose a project in which they could put their newly knowledge and skill to use. This ensured a fast transfer from the classroom to the work environment. As these projects were completed as a team, the technicians worked on them together, applying and even expanding their knowledge by learning from one another.