Testimonial: Totara implementation at VIVEL

VIVEL, the Flemish Institute for Primary Care, is recognized and funded by the Flemish Government as a partner organization for the primary care in Flanders. VIVEL is the central point of contact and the platform for dialogue of Flemish primary care actors with the government and with each other.

In their search for a Learning Management System (LMS), VIVEL published a tender. The Learning Hub responded to this tender with Totara as a possible solution.


What was required from The Learning Hub?

In collaboration with Uncapped, The Learning Hub set up Totara as their learning management platform. VIVEL, of course, had a significant role during the implementation.

The project started with a kick-off workshop to map out the most important needs and translate them into functionalities in Totara. Afterwards, the planning of the project was fine-tuned, and the configuration of the platform started. The goal was to set up a learning solution in one month.

During each sprint, a deep dive moment was scheduled with the VIVEL project team. This gave VIVEL the opportunity to provide intermediate feedback and The Learning Hub the ability to switch quickly if necessary.

One of the requirements of VIVEL was to have the ability to provide some content for users, without forcing them to create an account. To comply with this request, the guest access functionality was used. Guests have access to a limited number of open courses.

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The result

In the course catalogue page you can search within all available courses.

Furthermore, for the first time, we made an integration between Microsoft Teams and Totara. As a consequence, all the users of the team environment have immediate access to the LMS within Teams. As a result, users can ‘learn in the flow of work’. That meets one of the requirements of VIVEL.

The new platform, named ‘VIVEL Academie’, aims to offer qualitative training (e-learnings, webinars …) and activities (intervisions, events …) organised by VIVEL and/or organisations who collaborate with VIVEL. VIVEL manages the LMS on their own and continuously expands the content on the platform. Should VIVEL have any questions or problems in the future, the Learning Hub is ready to assist.

Curious? Just take a look yourself on www.vivelacademie.be!

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Thanks to our Totara learning environment we are able to give well-structured courses to our stakeholders.