Testimonial: Content creation at Voetbal Vlaanderen

Voetbal Vlaanderen wants to be the reference federation in terms of sportivity in thinking, acting and good governance. Their role includes:

  • the organization of regional/provincial/amateur competitions
  • the training of trainers and club executives
  • regional/provincial/amateur arbitration (designations and training)
  • the organization of training and activities for players
  • disciplinary sanctions

In order to make their training vision and basic principles more visible to their audience (trainers, training coordinators, parents, etc.) and to make expectations clear, Voetbal Vlaanderen wanted to develop a fun digital learning path for coaches, in which they can get to know their role better.

Why did Voetbal Vlaanderen contact The Learning Hub?

To guarantee a well-trained coach who is able to create a safe and challenging learning environment for every child, it is not enough that coaches can simply rattle off the pillars of the training vision. They should actively keep these in mind during training, matches and conversations with the young footballers. Voetbal Vlaanderen called on The Learning Hub to develop this into an e-learning module.

How did we do this?

We first developed a number of personas in collaboration with Voetbal Vlaanderen. This was necessary because of the diverse target audience: coaches are of all ages, up to 80 years old. Not only can their digital skills vary greatly, also their prior knowledge about football wil differ as they can be parents, starters, experienced coaches, etc. The digital learning journey is a mandatory segment of some blended courses, while it is  optional as reference material for others. The module is also permanently available to anyone who is interested.

The learning journey consists of 4 parts, each in the form of an e-learning: first the general theory of football (‘football for everyone’), then specific information about the role of the coach, the training and the match. The common thread throughout these modules are the 4 pillars of Voetbal Vlaanderen: individual attention, active, fun & learning. They are referred to in every module and also served as the foundation for The Learning Hub when creating the e-learning courses.

Rune, our guiding character, is ready to help the learner throughout the entire track. He provides tips, instructions and feedback. 

As a progress indicator, we integrated a football player at the bottom of each screen running towards the goal. We also worked with recognizable characters, realistic situations and varied interactions to maintain attention and motivation. We integrated existing documentation (e.g. changeover schedules) and created links to external images.

The result

Thanks to a smooth and communicative collaboration with Voetbal Vlaanderen, we achieved a great end result with four complementary modules that form an educational journey for every profile of the target audience.

For about a year now, The Learning Hub has been supporting us with the development of e-learning and guidance of our strategy. They always do this with a broad smile and enormous flexibility. At Voetbal Vlaanderen we were pleasantly surprised by the unique approach they use at The Learning Hub. This was very clear and easy to follow from day 1. It made the collaboration very clear for all parties!

Iliesse Najib

Sports technical employee, Voetbal Vlaanderen