As The Learning Hub breathes innovation and learning technology, we had to attend the Learning Technologies event in London. That was of course beyond dispute! This yearly event takes place mid-February. (We know, it took us a while to write this blog, but we needed time to let it all sink in.)

The Conference

With Donald H. Taylor ( as chairman, the conference programme always offers an overwhelming yet inspiring overview of the latest trends and insights linked to technology enhanced learning. This year, Daniel Susskind, Karl Kapp and Nigel Paine were among the most appreciated speakers.

The Exhibition

Alongside the conference, there is the exhibition with over 200 solution providers presenting their tools, platforms and digital content. It is an excellent opportunity to meet vendors, compare solutions, ask for a demo and find the right contact for your upcoming projects.

Besides exhibitor stands, there are 11 theatres with 30’ demos and presentations all day. We believe you should either go for the Exhibition or the Conference, as combining both will definitely result in a complete information overload. Even looking at the different stands was a source of inspiration. Most of the exhibitioners went all out with the look and feel of their booth …and with their goodies (yes, among other things we are now the proud owners of several socks of Bridge and a very fluffy unicorn from Unicorn!).

To get back to the information overload warning: you better have your checklist readily available in the exhibition app before you enter the floor, otherwise you might end up discussing, experimenting or following a demo on every corner without finishing your tour. Trust us, we have been in that situation.

Just like last year, in this year’s edition there was a lot to do about Learning Experience Platforms (LEP), Next Generation Learning Environments (NGLE) and the ‘Netflix Experience’. Those words buzzed all over the place! The NGLE are integrated in the Fosway Grid which was released shortly before the Exhibition kicked off. We visited the stands of Degreed and Netex, and were a bit more charmed by the first one.

We also visited some usual suspects in the LMS market, and some challenging newcomers such as LMS365. Their link with the well-known Microsoft tools SharePoint and Teams will definitely attract numerous customers. The platform has a strong focus on training delivery, with very limited talent management features.

From a macro perspective, last year’s observation that authoring tools converge with learning management solutions and off-the-shelf content, was confirmed. Adobe launched Prime, Saba Cloud came with Open Sesame content, Talentsoft incorporated eDoceo,… And those are only a few examples.


To round up our quick throwback to the #LT19UK, we would like to give you some tips when you attend the next edition:

  • Wear comfortable shoes
  • Do some research in advance
  • Talk to everyone (!) who seems willing to talk, even random fellow visitors
  • Bring a colleague or – even more fun – join us (together with VOV and NVO2), as you won’t be able to see half of it when you go alone
  • Connect and go to the after-events (most of the exhibitors organise small networking drinks)
  • Give your brain a rest during the day and reflect on what you have seen and heard already
  • Go and explore even the unfamiliar brands, they are often the most inspiring
  • Take a day off after the exhibition because you will need to recover

We hope to see you at the next edition!

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