Moodle is an open-source platform, that was released in 2002. It emerged from a community with people from all over the world that wanted to help building the platform. With Moodle the community wanted to create a more interactive and collaborative approach to distance learning. The focus was an online platform that educators could use to create personalized learning environments. The LMS is mainly used in educational sectors, since there is no ‘manager’ role or management of instructor-led-classes.   Moodle can be an interesting platform if you want to offer mainly digital content (e.g. SCORM, videos, quizzes) to end users and follow up on training followed by your users.

Some key features of Moodle

  • Open source
  • Link courses to specific target groups
  • Overview of training courses followed for the end user
  • Possibility to offer digital content (SCORM)
  • Connect with Open Badges
  • Guided tour for end users who log in for the first time
  • Customization possible
  • Add your own custom roles
  • Mobile app
  • Plugins

Mobile app

Moodle has a mobile app, which allows you to download full courses onto mobile devices. Users can read material, answer quizzes or write on forums even offline. What’s done offline is saved and uploaded on the site when the user goes back online.

When might Moodle be less suitable for your organization? 

Moodle does not have the option to create programs (which are multiple courses bundled together). Also, it is not possible to manage classroom (ILT) training by default in Moodle. Since the LMS is built for education, a ‘manager’ role (who can follow-up on the team members) is not available. So, if you are looking to work with programs and manage classrooms in the LMS, Moodle might be less suitable for your organization.


Moodle can be set up in less than a month. For the implementation of Moodle, only a low budget range is necessary for the set up and the hosting (yearly fee). There is no license fee for this LMS, since there is not a formal vendor behind this system that can guarantee support and maintenance. An extra cost can occur if you would like to develop extra custom features.

Some case studies


The Learning Hub took care of setting up the online Moodle environment for Ecocampus and also converting the provided course material into graphically attractive and interactive online modules.

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